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Meets monthly
Stephanie Leist
Michelle Gerston
Kathryn Fosnaugh
Ladies Night Out is a monthly event/activity organized to give women the opportunity to socialize in order to develop friendships with those who have common interests.
The goal is to provide a time when women can get to know each other who might otherwise not have opportunity to meet in the course of the studies and church services.
A variety of events are scheduled throughout the year ranging from meeting at Starbuck’s for coffee to going to the beach at Lake Tahoe.
1st and 10 Grill – dinner
Calvary Chapel for a potluck with guided get-acquainted discussion starters
Recyclable bag with a gift in it exchanged at a pot-luck.
Pot-luck dinner at the home of one of the women.
Movie- night at the home of one of the women.
A walk by the river.
Game night with refreshments  - meeting place, CCDV
Stephanie Leist originated this activity and in the summer of 2013 turned over the coordination of the events to Michelle Gersten. In the winter of 2014, two women joined with Michelle to create activities. They are Priscilla Hartsfield and Kathy Fosnaugh.